Invisible braces are a great way to get the smile you want without anyone ever knowing that you are having orthodontic work done. Probably the most well-known of these is the brand name braces Invisalign.

Are They Really Invisible?

Invisible braces are made from a plastic that is thoroughly tested to be completely safe. It is form fitted for your teeth, based on impressions and x-rays of your teeth. It fits over them perfectly in a series of custom-made aligners. These are clear plastic and are almost completely invisible.

If there is food or other buildup on the aligners, they may become more visible, but, generally, no one will even notice them because they fit so closely to your teeth. You will probably be the only person who knows you are wearing them.

How Do They Work?

Invisible braces don’t just fit over your teeth like a cover. They also move your teeth slightly over time to the perfect position. This is why tiny adjustments have to be made to the aligners every so often. You will have to visit the orthodontist every two weeks to have new aligners put on your teeth.

The new aligners will move your teeth even further, and little by little, you will have the perfect smile. For adults, these braces can do what they need to in about a year, but they will still have to wear a retainer after they take off the braces. Teenagers will have to wear invisible braces for about the same amount of time as they would braces, which can vary between one and two years.

How Do They Compare to Other Straightening Methods?

If you look at the advantages and disadvantages of invisible braces next to those of metal braces or lingual braces, you’ll see major difference. Invisible braces are the only kind that you can take off whenever you want. So if you are eating, going out on a date or just need a little break, you can take them off and then put them back on later when you are ready. With other types of braces, you are stuck with them for the entirety of the straightening process.

They are also far less visible than metal braces as well as easier to clean. Invisible braces are simply more convenient. Requiring less work and making you less self-conscious of how you look.

On the downside, they are also pretty expensive. You’ll pay about as much for invisible braces as you would for lingual braces, which is always more than the cost of metal braces. But for many people, the convenience and near-invisibility of these braces is well worth the price.