Losing teeth or several teeth is always a cause of embarrassment, not to talk of the difficulty faced when eating. However in the modern times, losing teeth need not be a cause of worry anymore. There are several ways to replace lost teeth but the best method preferred by many people would be full mouth dental implants. This procedure replaces not only the lost teeth but even the teeth root.


Implants resembling screws are placed in the jaw line where teeth are missing. The screw-like implants are given time to bond with the jaw line and act like a natural tooth root. This can take over a period of five months or more. Next, the dentist uncovers the screws. This then allows a crown to be fitted to the dental implants and thus form a base for the new teeth. The process is then left to heal for four weeks. After that, permanent crowns are made and placed on the screw like implants. Healing takes about two weeks and the teeth will look and act like real teeth.


The biggest advantage of having full dental implants is that they look like real teeth. This means that unlike other teeth replacement options, the bone does not deteriorate, making full mouth dental implants function and look like real teeth. Another advantage of full mouth dental implants is that they are durable and long lasting. With proper care and perfect placement, full mouth dental implants only need periodic dentist visits for adjustments.
Losing teeth and staying toothless for long periods destroys the bone formation of the jawline. The face can often sag because the jawline loses its firmness and stability. With full mouth dental implants, the facial structure is maintained and lets one retain their natural face shape. This can go a long way towards helping boost confidence. Some methods of teeth replacement are often embarrassing, especially if poorly measured and fitted, affecting a person’s ability to eat and talk properly. Dentures have even been known to fall out in public when one tries to do normal things like laugh, sneeze or cough.
Full mouth dental implants are better than other methods since they are permanently fixed in your mouth and require little more than regular brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups.. They allow one to eat all their favourite foods without worrying. Finally, and possibly the best feature of full mouth dental implants is that they do not get cavities.