Are dental implants possible with gum disease?

When you have suffered tooth loss there are several options that are available to achieve that perfect smile. The options are bridges, dentures and dental implants. One major concern when considering dental implants is that of the complications that can arise when you have gum disease. Many individuals wonder if they can have a dental implant when they have had gum disease. Well, the simple answer is that dental implants are possible with gum disease, but there are a number of necessary steps to go through before this can be achieved.

Dental Implants And Gum Disease

The very first thing that needs to be stressed is that dental implants cannot be considered if there is current periodontal disease (gum disease) or tooth decay in surrounding teeth. This is for a number of reasons.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Therefore, there needs to be enough healthy bone into which the screw can be inserted securely and firmly. If there is not enough bone, or if the bone is damaged in any way due to associated gum disease, then the post will ultimately fail and lead to other health problems.

If gum disease is present, then inserting a dental implant into this environment will only cause further problems. There will be a huge risk of infection around the implant that will then ultimately lead to failure and the need to remove it while the gum and bone heal.

Treatment Prior To A Dental Implant

You will need to see a periodontist who will ask you about your medical history, and will give you a full oral examination. They will assess if there is any gum recession and if there are any loose or decaying teeth. A periodontal probe will also be used to assess any periodontal pockets, as this will help to determine the level of gum disease. X-rays will also be taken to check for any bone loss. Your periodontist will then work out a treatment plan.

The Dental Implant Post Periodontal Disease

Many individuals believe that if they have had gum disease in the past then they will not qualify for a dental implant, but this is simply not true. Once you have received treatment and the teeth and gums are healthy, then the procedure for having a dental implant can go ahead. However, it is very important that once you have a dental implant, you are rigorous about your oral hygiene, aftercare and diet.