Everything You Wanted To Know About Cosmetic Dentistry But Were Scared To Ask

If you’d love to have a better smile or even need one just to stop being embarrassed in public, you probably have a lot of questions regarding what your options are and what goes into the process. The following FAQ should help out in this area. You’ll no doubt have your own unique questions you want answered, but this will get you started in the right direction. For any other questions you may have, it probably makes the most sense to see a dental professional for answers. So with this in mind we have asked Dr Stephen Jacobs of Dental FX to give us his opinions on cosmetic dentistry in Glasgow

What Are My Options?

This is a good question to start with as most people are pretty amazed by all the options they have every day for a new and improved smile. If you’re just worried about the color of your teeth, for example, there are whitening solutions you can buy right over the counter. You can also get professional bleaching done too.

For those who want the whitest, straightest teeth possible, veneers are a great solution. They have become especially popular amongst celebrities. However, you may also benefit from a more traditional method like braces. If you’re someone who worries about how that will look, Invisalign braces can go a long way toward improving your smile and being practically unnoticeable at the same time.

Finally, if you’re missing teeth or need some of them removed, then you should think about dental implants. These metal components get installed into your jaw line before prosthetic teeth are then added on top. This near-permanent solution looks and feels great, plus they make it easy to speak.

How Much Will Improving My Smile Cost?

This depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is where you live in the world and what your insurance covers. Unfortunately, most forms of cosmetic surgery are considered elective. What this means is that you’ll have to foot the bill, which can be fairly sizable.

However, when it comes to braces or Invisaligns, having orthodontic insurance may go a long way toward keeping that price down. Furthermore, many dentists will offer you a discount if you’re willing to pay in cash. So long as you do a bit of planning ahead, then, you could receive a sizable discount.

Whom Do I See About Cosmetic Dentistry?

You always want to go with a specialist for something as important as cosmetic dentistry. While most dentists may be able to handle a number of the procedures listed above, you want someone who has lots of experience providing the specific solution you’re interested in.

Doing basic searches in your area online will show you what your best options are going to be. If you have to travel a bit out of your way, it’s probably worth it if it means getting the best possible teeth in the process.

Again, for any other questions you have, it’s definitely worth going to an experienced dentist in your area and asking them yourself. However, don’t forget that cosmetic dentistry is like anything else in that you should do a bit of shopping around in order to get the best possible price.