Inman Aligner Questions Answered

What Are Inman Aligner Braces?

Everyone wants a smile they can be proud of. Having one that leaves you embarrassed can make life nearly impossible and social situations extremely awkward. However, for adults, the current products on the market leave a lot to be desired. No one likes wearing traditional braces, of course, but when you’re not a teenager, it can be even more uncomfortable to walk around with hardware on your teeth. Fortunately, now there may be a new option that promises the results people want without the challenges they’d rather avoid. David Cashel of Glasgow based explains about inman aligner braces treatment.

Inman Aligner Braces

This new option is called the Inman Aligner and has been described by many as the missing link that bridges the gap between cosmetic dentistry and modern orthodontic care.

Like any braces, aligners are used to help safely move teeth in a predictable fashion, leaving the patient with the perfect smile when they’re finally removed. These braces specifically focus on the anterior region of the mouth.

However, one look at these braces will make it clear that they’re different from any other model that’s ever been on the market. They can probably be best described as a mix between a retainer and Invisalign braces.

Only One Appliance Needed

One of the reasons it’s been called a missing link is because, like traditional braces, you only need one aligner to get the job done. With Invisalign braces, you have to go back to your dental professional every two weeks to get a new model. This could go on for years, which is extremely inconvenient for many people.

Low Cost

Another reason to love the Inman Aligner is how affordable it is too. Everyone knows that paying for braces is never easy. As a form of cosmetic dental work, insurance companies generally don’t cover the procedure. If they do, it’s typically not a lot of coverage, leaving you with quite the bill.

But for most people, the Inman Aligner will prove to actually be very affordable, despite the fact that it can replace far more expensive procedures. The result it provides is identical to what you’d get from traditional braces.

Easy to Remove

Invisalign braces have become popular for a number of reasons, one of which is that you can actually remove them when you like (though you need to keep them in for 22 hours of the day).

You get this same great benefit with Inman Aligners too. While you need to keep them in to see results, it’s nice knowing you can take them out from time to time if you want to give your mouth a rest, eat or clean. These last two needs are especially difficult to meet when you’re wearing the traditional kind of braces.


Many people will be attracted to the Inman aligner because they want a standalone option for giving them the smile they ever dreamed of. However, these braces can be used for other reasons too.

Dentists may prescribe them because they help align teeth quickly before other restorative or aesthetic treatments are necessary. In the past, you may have had to settle for a less preferable option to get the help you need for your teeth.

Fast Acting

Although you have to leave these braces in for a large chunk of your day, the Inman Aligner typically doesn’t have to be used for that long. Most people will see results within six to 18 weeks of use and then they’re done.

If you want a straighter smile without people knowing you’re wearing braces, the Inman Aligner is definitely worth taking a look at. Ask your dentist today about the many other benefits that come with this specific form of dental product.